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When mankind discovers the most powerful energy source in the universe . . . all of reality is in the greatest danger! The US government initiates Project Epsilon, to utilize and control the newly discovered material and opens the door to the most exciting human adventure in history! R.A. LaMothe and William K. Lewis presents a sci fi tale of epic adventure and proportion with an exciting and complex assembly of characters, both of Earthly origins . . . and beyond!

IMPERIUM: THE MAN FROM EARTH®, begins our flagship tale of the US military's top secret Project:EPSILON and its scientific foray into the usage of alien technology that propels mankind to a new world. A world of fantasy, honor, courage and a timeless battle with an evil so powerful and so determined that it will stop at nothing to gain its ends.


IMPERIUM® will consist of several books and sub stories that will follow the adventures of the heroes and villains above in a thrilling, complex and exciting science fiction story like none before!


"Imperium is a story decades in the making from my childhood. These characters were a calling to me to enter the world of design and storytelling, but technology hadn't reached its apex then for me to tell these tales in the way my mind perceived them.


This story, while science fiction/ adventure, follows many of the eternal pursuits of mankind like love, liberty, harmony and justice. But, it is also a spiritual journey of one man to know his path in life and to extend that destiny to the rest of his people . . . in the immortal quest of truth and the ultimate questions: "Who am I?" and "Why are we here?".


These are questions I have often asked and hope to give that answer to these characters in the greatest story I can. I hope you will enjoy this adventure, as much as I enjoyed the journey to get here! Thank you!"

                           -- R.A. LaMothe

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