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R.A. LaMothe

William K. Lewis

Both R.A. LaMothe and William K. Lewis have had an extensive career in the Information Technology industry, working with a myriad of applications. But, it was their shared love of creative design that bought these two together to form an alliance, such as this. Through William and R.A.'s story-telling coupled with R.A.'s digital artwork, their goal is to bring strong heroic tales and dynamic visual designs through Darkangel Studios!


"Darkangel Studios is a dream of ours to combine art and technology in bringing about the greatest creative projects imaginable. Starting with graphic comic novels, our goal is to progress to the production of feature animations and video games of some of our best story lines. But, our creation of Darkangel Studios is not just about us - but about creative prodigies around the globe. We want to showcase your work, build it up and make it even grander than you originally thought. 

If you have no outlet to showcase your genius, William and I want to be that platform for you! 

Our expertise in story-telling and digital art is growing and with Darkangel Studios, we intend to bring imagination into reality . . . to the world, through art! Drop us a line and let's imagine it all together!"


-- R.A. LaMothe

Imagine a new reality with us!

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Email:                             Phone:  (201) 702-1360

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