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The journey for the fate of existence begins, when three unwitting strangers are thrust into a timeless battle, that spans from beyond the dawn of mankind! ROAD TO CHIMERA is a series of CGI-created graphic novels from the mind of R.A. LaMothe.

In this series, a plague of evil begins in San Carlito, California after a crazed lunatic unleashes a mystical portal into the world and opens a door to a hellish under-realm filled with shadowy creatures, that have no other desire than to bring the world to its knees. When the infection begins, a diner waitress, a spiritual advisor and a brazen police officer all hold the key to defeating this evil menace, even though they are unaware of their destiny . . . or each other. But, through circumstance and fate, will join together to fight the greatest battle of their lives . . . and the lives of ALL mankind!


ROAD TO CHIMERA is the culmination of the artwork and creative-writing of R.A. LaMothe. A 6 year journey into the darkest recesses of the mind and the history of mankind itself. A supernatural thriller that takes the reader from the corporeal to the ethereal planes of reality and dares to ask the question, few have pondered . . . Are we all there is?


Mankind has had a history of delving into the past to learn more about itself and its future, sometimes with disastrous results, proving that there IS some knowledge that should never be uncovered!

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